MyWorks provides a cost-effective, online resource, designed to integrate with your existing technology, and provide consistent and engaging learning materials across your district.

Maximize your technology

Maximize the benefits of personal devices, 1:1 initiatives and BYOD programs with engaging content, specifically designed to empower student-led learning, either individually or in small groups, in or out of the classroom.

Differentiate your students’ learning experience

MyWorks allows your students to learn at their own pace and academic level. Target all learning populations across your district, including Gifted & Talented, ELL and Special Education students, with easily accessible, K-12 resources that have built-in audio support and engaging learning content.

Seamless integration with Boardworks

The student-led online content in MyWorks integrates seamlessly with Boardworks teacher-led resources, optimizing blended learning opportunities across the district.

Consistency across your district

MyWorks provides consistency across the entire district in K-12 Math, ELA, Science and History, helping you promote best learning practices and familiarity for all students and teachers.

Cost-effective subscription

MyWorks is available for a cost-effective subscription plan, that provides exceptional value for money, while increasing student engagement through maximizing the benefits of your technology hardware investment.

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